The heat of the Moroccan desert, cool breeze of Norwegian fjords, white sand beaches in Bali
Come to the sky of Cappadocia with a balloon, discover northern lights in Iceland, go to a yacht expedition around Mediterranean sea, have a surf on Australia’s Gold Coast.
Stand still, look around. Know yourself, discover new horizons and expand the limits of your capabilities. World is much more than it seems!


Kolojourney is an absolutely new travel format, that connects people from all over the world. People whose aims are finding new ways of relationship with the world, disclosure of creativity potential, improving quality of their lifes, health and opening of new opportunities. When mindfulness becomes a tool, it helps to accept the variability of our world and come to the new creative life strategies. The algorithms we lay down show the true values of person that unite with his surrounding and help to keep the inner balance for new eco projects realization in the world full of changes.

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With us you visit the places where you have never been to. You will discover new horizons and watch the daylights and sunsets in the most unforgettable places. All our routes are unique and unrepeatable. Even if you forget something, we will capture it in an exclusive personal movie.


The purpose of our travels is learning of technique of active longevity, conscious health control, learning of different practices, exploring the world through travel, recovery through moderate physical activity, learning of healthy nutrition.

Community of successful people

We and you will build a new dialog with the world and learn how to interact in society without ought. Control your attention, realize yourself, improve the world.

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I at myself Love!

This rich program is for women of all ages and even for those who have not tried yoga or art therapy.

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Morocco Reload

Country, where the African exotic is together with European comfort. Ocean, mountains, ancient cities, places of wonderful beauty and power.

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Wellness SPA Tour

Divine nature, health education master classes on life extension and active longevity, fitness training, spa procedures, Lithuanian bath ritual.

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Alexander Podyava

Master of martial arts, ideologist, researcher and practitioner, expert in field of nutrition and healthy lifestyle, fitness trainer, businessman.


Victoria Podyava

Expert in field of traditional medicine, functional training coach.


Ekaterina Eremina

Healthy lifestyle consultant, specialist in Ayurveda and aromatherapy.


Elnur Bedir

Master of martial arts, wingcun proWES instructor, educator.


Our international expert team develops and uses unique
methods and technologies to improve the quality of life.
Our tours are original, planned by experienced curators,
who visited more than 100 countries.

What do we teach?

Basics of healthy lifestyle and longevity. We teach to improve functionality of body with correctional exercises. You will learn how to make your daily training plan, unlock the secret of healthy nutrition, learn the technique of open dialogue, body types and their differences.

Results of using techniques

You will learn how to control your attention and get free from psychoemotional negative. You will get increased resistance to stress, development of intuition, development of goal reflex, desire to act and take responsibility to solve tasks.


We give simple and effective techniques to work with body and mind. We are sure in their efficiency, practicality and possibility to achieve recourses of creativity. Our work is directed to person’s improving in spheres that he opens for himself by his own. Methodology helps to work with our perception and to become a source of changes in your life.

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